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Post by Tamafune Shigemitsu on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:43 pm

Bloodline Name/Surname:
Riina(Any Surname is acceptable they are known by their looks)

Clan Classification:
Physical Deformity

Kekkei Genkai:


This clan is known by their looks. They are often associated with mythical beings known as Elves. They are usually born with sharp long ears which can be bent in nearly any direction between flush with the head and directly outwards. They are also known for having gray toned or gray hued skin. Some are even born with elongated nails or other "elvish" qualities.

Most of the ancient dress the Riisa have and use consist of belts, sometimes skimpy clothing, and a fondness for leather or cloth.

Unique Insignia:
Often times the Riina are known for their tribal markings. These depict a myriad of different things but it's also noted that they customize their weapons based on their exploits. In a way, it allows their blade to tell stories of it's kills. Because of this, Riinan weapons are considered legendary and sought for their runic inscriptions.

Riinan Clan Elven_Tribal___Tattoo_Study_3_by_Elbie3rd

Riinan tradition states that devotion to family and clan are above all. This allows the clan to prosper and stay safe. One of the most honorable and highly sought ways to die is in defense of their home. Since the beginning of Riisan life, they have lived in dwellings high in treetops. However, because of the recent induction in to the population of the Samurai's land, they are often found adopting customs of the land to better fit in.

Clan History:
The ancient text stated that the First creator had two children in which their bodies mutated, giving rise to the Riinan clan. Since that time, the Riinan clan was closed off from the outside and flourished in their own environment with like bodied individuals. It wasn't until recently that the Riinan people began to socialize outside of the old villages. As such, their knowledge of modern wars and such were not very high, however, their knowledge of chakra and useage for it was well beyond the years of modern scholars. Now, many Riinan scholars are sought for their knowledge in Chakra and medical expertise to better further Ninjutsu.

Kekkei Genkai Information:
There is no Kekkei Genkai

Number Cap:
Tamafune will be the heir to the Clan's throne, as such there is room for 4 more non-noble people

Clan Matriarch (1/1)(R)
Clan Members (0/4)

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Riinan Clan Empty Re: Riinan Clan

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