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Character Application

Shigemitsu, Tamafune (Samurai Name)
Uchiha, Tamafune (Uchiha Name)
Heruiel (Riinan Name)

Tamafune Iaido
The Silver Dragon


Status Ranked:
Samurai Trainee

Primary Element
Tamafune is mostly quiet and gentle. She doesn't care for war nor does she care to fight at all really. She does however, prefer to prepare for the worst and if necessary she won't hesitate to take a life. She has a Multi-part personality that I'll discuss now.

Part 1(Social):
This is divided into two parts. At first, she's quiet, reserved, and quite gentle in her speech. She tends not to talk unless necessary. She with holds most information and tends to only say things which get the job done. This could include only telling half the truth or even withholding the truth all together and just saying nothing at all about a subject.

After she's gotten to know someone she will often times relax around them. What this means is that she's gentle, caring, and quite talkative when she wants to be. Tama will end up speaking volumes if given the chance to discuss a topic she so heartily enjoys. Of course this is nothing in comparison to her battle personalities.

Part 2(Battle):
When engaging in battle she'll employ a vast number of techniques. Some of which include changing her personality. At first, she'll tend to toy with her opponent to elicit a response. When one gets angered or emotional in some way they make mistakes. Knowing this, she'll attempt to do just that to win an engagement. At this stage of battle she rarely will do anything outside of Bushido. She refuses to fight more than 1 on 1 unless necessary.

Part 3(Battle 2):
Once the first battle stage in her personality doesn't get the job done she enters her next personality stage. This is where she is devoid of all attachment and emotion. During this time she forgoes Bushido and enters a ninja like stance towards the battle. She'll do anything that she can to win. Even if it means sacrificing her allies to create an opening. During this phase of her personality she will often times not even bat an eye at pain or other stimuli.

Part 4(Battle 3):
If Tama is wounded a great deal or the battle is prolonged for too long she will enter a blind rage like personality. This is partly due to her Riina heritage. During this, her pain receptors are temporarily rewired to produce pleasure. This enables Tama to continue in combat despite heavy pain and loss. Once this personality has surfaced it will continue to reign until her opponent is killed or she herself is knocked unconscious. However, there are times in which this personality will supercede even when Tama is rendered unconscious. If that happens, her body will move of it's own volition and consent from her active brain functions will no longer be necessary.

Misc. Notes:
Some Misc. notes to be mentioned is that even though she sometimes seems harsh or withdrawn and uncaring, she does indeed care for all creatures. She enjoys the company of all walks of life but she tends to have a more natural affinity to animals. Specifically cats, Foxes, and lastly dragons as well.

August 7th
Hagane no hebun

Learning ninjutsu
Learning Iaido

self proclaimed Gods
Shira-sama(her teacher)
People who make fun of her because of her red eyes

playing with animals
animals in general
Playing both the Ichigenkin and Koto

Favorite Food:
Rice Patties

Favorite Music
Any songs done by using either Ichigenkin or Koto, or both simultaneously

Forte in Sports:

Special Skill:
Tamafune has the remarkable skill of picking up certain things after only seeing them once. This is improved by her Sharingan.
This includes a good portion of Taijutsu and other things such as when she watched her teacher use a Koto.



Tamafune's Application 5688-710


Tamafune's Application Agares10

Tama is a fusion of two different clans. This gives birth to her most odd appearance. On one hand she looks mostly normal but one soon realizes she is far from it. Standing at 5 foot 6, she's mostly average for her age if beit a tad slender. She has extremely long silver hair tied to tails on either side of her head. Outside of using her Sharingan, she boasts light silver eyes which seem to almost stare off in to another place. Behind those eyes she bears one of the markings of her maternal clan, pointy long ears. These ears often are met with criticism and disgust by most however some seem to care little about the oddity.

Being that her skin color is slightly grayed she looks a bit different then most. For attire she bears some rather odd clothing which comes from her maternal clan. This clothing is a set of battle gear made in the ancient version of their culture. The clothing consists of a strap across her bust with a zipper in the middle of the strap. This connects both sides of the almost skimpy sports bra like apparatus. These sides come together at the top to form a collar which then runs down her back and connects to her chest once more. As an added effect, she wears her mother's necklace which consists of traditional Riina beads and a ruby crystal.

Her skin is largely open from this point down until just below her hips. This article of clothing is strapped across her lower thigh allowing for room of movement but also to act as clothing. There are two crossed belts which provide added room to place objects as well as keep her clothing to her body if need be. The belts are also used to hold her Katana and two Riina weapons known as trench knives. Underneath this she wears a tight spandex like cloth which holds to her figure.

On both her hands and boots she bears an interesting armorment. Her hands are encased in tight fingerless gloves which are belted at the end around her forearm. Tama's boots are plated with steel in the front and belted over her foot to fit snug to her legs. These boots reach up to just above the middle of her shin.


117 lbs

Blood Type:

The story of Tama starts with the hunting of a single Uchiha male. This ninja had broken enemy lines and began spying on the Land of Steel. He was caught and chased out of the main town. During his time on the run he fled towards the Land of Shadows. In doing so he came across a gentle village of Riina folk who took him in. This was a prominent clan of the land of Steel but they were outspoken against the war. A singular woman, Liara soon fell in love with him. It was perhaps ten years after that fact that they birthed a child, Tamafune. She was named after her mother's grandmother who was a great swordsman. It would soon be known that this gentle girl had both the look of the Riina clan, and the powers of the Uchiha. She was gifted with both prowess of the blade and useage of Ninjutsu.

This was uncommon for the fact that no two individuals were known until now to have wed from both Riina and Uchiha. In an attempt to defend the village and his daughter, the Uchiha man gave his life to spare his wife and child from being found and executed for collaborating with the enemy. A year after the man had given his life, Tama's mother died in defense of the village during a raid. The raid was held off but at the cost of an amazing life. From that point on Tama's guardian was an elderly man and a young woman. The elderly man was known as Kinta, he was the best Iaido combatant in all of the Land of Steel. He was grand master to the style and had been trained by the creator himself. The woman was Shira, an expert in ninjitsu and other chakra based arts. With these two caring for little Tama's life, she'd grow up to be an excellent well rounded combatant.

It wasn't long before Tama became old enough to cause mischif for her guardians. These two picked up after her messes and punished her lack of respect for the world. She quickly straightened up with in two years leaving her at the ripe age of 12. During 12 to 14 she managed to impress both her guardians in her aptitude for wanting to learn the arts. But it took her that long to manage to control her eyes. Before this, her eyes would periodically turn read which made the other Riina children scared of her. This would give rise to her distant nature. Eventually things went partially south from there until she learned to control those eyes. It was a tough life, but now she was free to pursue any goal she wished. She was also invited to visit the academy of Fudou-Mura because of her Uchiha background. As of this day she spends time in both the Land of Steel and the Land of Shadows. Where ever she goes, her teacher Shira follows to help teach her proper etiquette and such. This was also welcomed by the academy as she was the foremost expert in most ninjitsu techniques which were not hiden.

Fighting Style:
Mainly Iaido

Some MMA(Her own personal created style):
Environmental Combat
Sneak Attacks
other misc moves she learns through watching others

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