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Post by Mara on Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:44 am

Character Application


Status Ranked:
Samurai Trainee
Primary element:

Mara normally acts very serious and polite around her 'teachers'  she would really rather do anything else, she will often try to get away from her teachers, to do other things.  whenever she does get away she will often try to have fun while she can, be it playing games, or messing with people.  however some times she will just choose to find a nice silent place to relax in.  she tends to act how she wishes when shes not being watched by someone, due to her almost strict why she has to act around her teachers.

when when fighting while shes always been taught to fight seriously,  however she has slowly been learning she doesn't need to, and her teachers don't seem to be helping that. over the years Mara has noticed her years seemingly not  wanting to put there all in sparing with her. this has made her a little more easy going with her training. she has seen them pull there attack if they would hit her, this has caused her not only to become more easy going with her fighting but she now tries to push her teachers trying to get them to fight back harder.

may 2nd

Hagane no hebun
Starting Village:
Hagane no hebun
-getting away from her teachers.
-doing what she wants

-being watched
-not being able to do certain things.
-being treated special

Favorite Food:
Favorite Music
anything calming
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill:
Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct.
Mara {Done} N50241a5c14e17_zpsodvrsfhj

Blood Type:
Mara's story starts not with her, but with a monster. a massive creature. the creature had tearing though the small towns nearby Hagane no hebun.  The Hagane shogun deiced to do something about it and launched a force in order to stop it. they returned with a small group of men, and with a large jar said to contain the monster.  originally they did not know what to do with it.  then a group of ninja in the village had a theory they could seal it into a living being.  at first tries of this failed killed off each of the people they tried. when the shogun was about to give up on this idea, they came up with a few theory of using a much younger body, at first the shogun was outraged at this fact, however when his brother offered his own daughter.  
and with this last test they succeeded.

the sealing word better then they hoped, after being cut in a accident, someone was cleaning her wound and not only was healed really quickly but the medic quickly found himself needed poison treatment themselves, she was too young at the time to remember this.  this caused her to be kept away from others as much as possible. this upset Mara, she didn't know why she was kept away from everyone and could not have any friends.  when she  came of age to start training, they are first were worried about her entering the academy. so the shogun rather choose to assign personal teacher to her, and they would also watch her and make sure there weren't any problems.  Mara was upset about this, she was told she was be able to enter the academy to finally make friends.  however she was not allowed to, and this caused her to want to get away more and more. she has started to use any moment she can to get away from them, and do whatever she wants.

Fighting Style:
Mara focuses mostly on Kenjutsu, prefering to use as her main force of attack, however she will use Taijutsu if needed.

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