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Post by Tamafune Shigemitsu on Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:56 pm

This system is perhaps one of the most intricate on the forums. This is because of the shear massive amounts of coordination it will take. So let us begin by naming the basic things to note. First and foremost your rank is dependant on the rank of your skills, and finally the most important point to note is that almost every jutsu is trainable. What this means is that a Genin can start with a Rasengan, however obviously the damage will be significantly reduced to the one in the show. Each rank of a skill will increase it's power. There are two special ranks which obtainable only by hard working individuals. These ranks are S+ and S++. Let us begin...


You mean, I need to train individual jutsu?!?!?

That is correct. Each jutsu is trainable up to a certain point. All jutsu start at D rank and can be trained to become a staggering S rank jutsu. This means a simple Fireball can start rather small and cause minimal damage to an area except just lighting it on fire, all the way up to the fireball being like something Itachi would use causing creators where it collided with the ground. As a general rule, each rank itself will be given a set number of words needed to train it. Some jutsu will be subject to increased word count based on their use and ability. This is to nerf anyone gaining a debilitating jutsu easily. A simple example of this would be Rasengan or Chidori.

This shouldn't discourage you however. It means you can use all of your favorite jutsu almost right from starting to RP. This also means you'll most likely have more fun Rping as well! This will also promote people rping together as people who train together will gain a bonus to word counts.

Jutsu Cont:


Each rank of a skill will require a certain number of word count to train to the next level. This cost is dependant on your overall rank and the rank you're attempting to train to. If you attempt to train a rank above you, it's not greatly difficult. However if you attempt to train a jutsu up to 2+ it becomes increasingly difficult.

Lets gauge the costs as if we were a Genin and go from there.

Genin-Genin= +0 extra WC(Word Count)

D-Rank50 WC
C-Rank100 WC
B-Rank200 WC
A-Rank250 WC
S-Rank300 WC
S+Rank350 WC
S++Rank400 WC
This table demonstrates the way gaining a skill level is done. For this example our character was a Genin which is D-rank. This is the base table for all skills. Some jutsu will have their own added WC count because of their type or function. A forbidden jutsu will often have a large extra WC to learn because it's suppose to be forbidden. The same goes for highly destructive jutsu. This is to prevent people from running around early with village destroying techniques.

(As a general rule of thumb, the skills needed to have added WC will be based on their base rank in the show/manga.)


Wait, I'm only a Genin!?!?

That's correct. Everyone starts off as a Genin or equivalent. The reason for this is because of the growth system we have implemented. This allows for a longer and more versatile gameplay. Now lets get to the nitty gritty!

Each rank will require all 7/10 of your currently known skills to be the next rank. Added with this, you will also have to have had completed a certain number of missions based on your rank. Some ranks will require extra activities with other ranks are selected and given instead of earned. Each rank comes with it's own prestige and sometimes benefits. These benefits include but not limited to, allowing special missions, learning special techniques, or even just gaining special items. At no time will a given rank increase the damage a jutsu may have on another person. Given ranks are chosen based on your ability and in some cases your jutsu ranks.

As you've noticed there are several spots which are labeled NTG. This means No Title Given. This is because at this rank there is no worldly title given to you. This simply means that you may not have a title to compliment your Threat Level.

Here are the needed missions for each rank:

C10 D
B20 C
A25 A
S30 S
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