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Growth and "Character" System Empty Growth and "Character" System

Post by Tamafune Shigemitsu on Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:55 pm

With in Naruto Lost Legends, the world turns and time continues to march. As such, there is a respectable aging system which persists within the universe. The basic outline is that as you RP your character will grow older and older. At the moment, the highest age one can reach is currently 80. Since we've set the ground rules lets talk about the rules in-depth.

Aging and YOU:

A Basic Understanding

Aging will happen to every character regardless of who possesses it. Because of this we'll make regular use of the update section to verify what age and look a character has. This means that your character's story will span more than a few years. In fact, if you prosper within RP, your character could even end up spanning generations through offspring. There are few things that can circumvent the aging system. At the moment there is only two. The first is the Six Headed Hydra Jinchuuriki. The second is the Hundred Seal Technique.

Because of the aging system it will be necessary, at least eventually, for an individual to rethink their appearance. Added to this, all characters start at around the same age. This means every character starts out around the age of 14-16. In VERY rare cases we will allow lower ages however, it is unlikely. Because of this, all starting characters will be granted Genin rank. The fundamental jutsu are automatically given and you're allowed to pursue your goals as a Genin. Added to this system is the "Character" system which will allow your character to become and feel more real. As you RP and things happen, you may or may not receive physical or emotional trauma or stimuli. Depending on the severity it could leave a lasting impression which will by visible. When this happens an update is required which will reflect the results. Appearance and Personality could change because of it.

The System:

A Menial Task

Not everything will increase your age. At the moment the only way to increase your age is through "Main Events." These are events which are so large they force the world to actually move forward in time. Once at a pivotal point an RPer will need to change his appearance. However, if one can logically show that the character's appearance can stay the same without much change then it will be allowed. Each task can have a lasting impression on your character. Because of this simple fact, your character will feel more alive, more real, and unfortunately it does mean sometimes a little more paperwork. Let me give an example or two about how this could effect a character.

I.E: For example, "Gary Stu is fighting Mary Sue. Gary was struck with a massive cut to the chest barely making it out alive."

In this situation most RPers will say they fully recovered and that's fine. However, continuity issues ensue because of the aging system. To make the RP feel more real and fun, we're going to add in the "Character" system. Lets see what changes COULD be added because of this. A simple Scar which spans the cut is a simple solution which results in no change to the user's personality or even a heart condition because the blade grazed the heart. In another way, the character could develop a hatred for all sword wielding individuals.

Essentially, we're asking you to think logically. If you make it away barely alive, you're obviously going to have some sort of change to your character. What happens is up to you, however, we encourage creative thinking and look forward to the real changing characters!

Offspring Notes:

Let's be a Family!

Because of the aging system, we will find that having offspring is an important part of this system. So first allow me to state the guidelines by which we'll be proceeding.

Disclaimer: In no way does NLL(Naruto Lost Legends RP Forum) promote or encourage in any way child abuse of ANY kind which includes but is not limited to Pornogrophy, physical, or mental abuse. This is against the law in the United States and will be reported to the proper authorities.

The land in which this RolePlay takes place is Japanese oriented. As such, this RP will use the following Japanese laws to define the laws of offspring and sexual activity. First and Foremost, refer to the Rules section regarding sexual content on the forum.

Sexual and Marital Laws:

(Excerpt from a review of Japanese laws from

"_/Ages for legal purposes
Article 2 - Definitions
For the purpose of this Law, a "child" means a person under the age of 18 years.

__/Age of majority
The Article 3 of the Japanese Civil Code states that the age of majority is twenty (20) years old.

__/Age of consent for sexual activity
The Article 177 of the Penal Code puts the age of consent for sexual activity at thirteen (13) years.

__/Age of consent for marriage
Articles 731 and 737 of the Civil Code provides that the age of consent for marriage is eighteen (18)
years for men, and sixteen (16) for women.

But when a minor wants to get married, he or she needs the consent of his or her parents."

These are the laws of which governs INSIDE the Role Play. Once an offspring has been "seeded" two things can happen. Either the rper can legacy Transfer to the Offspring, or a new person may take control of the offspring. Let's talk about Legacy Transfers.

Legacy Transfers are as the name may imply. It is a transfer of material items, monetary value, and of course knowledge. The Rper may chose to forgo transferring any or all of these things to the offspring if they chose to. The benefits of a Legacy Transfer is that the offspring is allowed to start at a higher rank and with most if not all of their parent's jutsu already learned. This has no bearing on the Student System as the offspring will become the new "master" of sorts. If the staff deems an ability too strong to be automatically learned, then the learning cost of said skill is reduced up to half depending on the skill in question.

Let us talk about another Roleplayer taking the reigns of the offspring. This means that, depending how you wish to set it up, the offspring could inherit the Legacy of the original character, or maybe even you are gifted with two offspring so they share Legacy. In this situation, the original RPer has two options. First, he can create a new offspring to take control of even work out a deal with a friend to RP his offspring until his character dies of old age. OR, as another possibility one can simply leave the Legacy to the next of kin(offspring) and make a new character. One must be extra careful concerning clans however, because if one isn't too careful traits from one clan could be overshadowed by another and thus excised completely from the offspring.

The Growth and Character Surmised:

A simple conclusion

This system is designed to feel more realistic and promote creative thinking. Added with this, we know some people will get bored of their characters for some reason. This is a chance for them to keep the character but change certain aspects of them. Maybe looks or personality. Maybe your character has gotten stale and a good vendetta because of a gigantic scar is what you need to feel like the character is fun again!
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