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Monetary, Housing, and living System Empty Monetary, Housing, and living System

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There is a simple money system with in Naruto Lost Legends(RP Forum). This system will include actions of crime, investment, and other unique things. This system will allow you to gain money just by Rping. You will also gain extra money for doing missions(See Mission Rules for more info), or even robbing other people. With in every large city will be a Bank, Daimyo Correspondent, and Market Place. Here you can store your cash safely, buy land, character augments, and so forth respectively. Let us first discuss the bank.


Lets not have a repeat of the depression!

The banking system is easy to use. Rp yourself doing the transaction inside of a bank forum. Once that is done it is in limbo. Which means you can neither be robbed nor spend any money you may or may not have at the moment. At this point in time you are then going to fill out the necessary fields in the update application. Once the application has been approved it is officially approved. At this stage your cash is safely stored or if you withdrew money you can now freely spend it. When your money is in the bank it is safe from any nere-do-wells or other shady individuals.

Buying/Owning Land:


Any player is able to buy and own land. Once you have sufficient funds you may visit a Daimyo Correspondent and purchase land from the land's Daimyo. This is not the only source of gaining land or a place to live. Everyone is automatically given a one room shack with in the village after completing the academy. Another way of obtaining a new place to live is to buy one from another player. If you'd prefer to own land outside of a village or even outside of the land you can always attempt to perform a 'Settler's Exploration' event. What this does is allow a person to have the chance to find a plot of land which is suitable to live outside of the reign of any current government's borders. It is extremely hard to obtain but possible none the less.

Once your house has been approved via the update section, a new forum will be created. If a house is large enough it could even receive a large forum with many sub forums.

Disclaimer: Currently there is no tax for owning land inside of a Daimyo's control. This may be subject to change.

The Marketplace:


In the Marketplace a character is able to take their on hand money and buy almost anything. This includes ninja tools, new clothes, a haircut, a pet(Battle or social), or even new weapons. It really depends on your creativity. After you've purchased your items remember to use the update section to finalize the purchase and enjoy your new products!

As an added bonus, if you have around 500 Ryo, you will be able to set up a shop if you really want to. This means you can buy and sell items at your store. Upon buying the shop you'll gain a forum with your shop's name on it. In that section you'll be able to post your own list of items for sale! all money gained from sales is yours to keep. Obviously you'll need to be careful to buy items from the admins to keep your shop stocked!
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